Innovation and health professionals together at your service, with your personal physician at your side.

Innovazione e professionisti

Face-to-face and remote.
Multiple solutions to best meet your needs.

Personal Doctor

A physician who really knows you well, takes care of your health and is always available


Easy access to consultations, visits and exams according to your needs


Cutting-edge devices for remote monitoring: always connected


An exclusive package to regularly care for yourself.

Your health is a value to nourish and we are always by your side, with the support of professionals available any time.
Caring for yourself will become your healthy habit, you’ll optimize your time and get ahead of the game.

Un pacchetto esclusivo per prenderti cura di te regolarmente

personal doctor

A physician dedicated to you, who assists you in the present with an eye on your future
Medico tutor


Forget the bureaucracy: the Conciergerie manages your reservations, reports and insurance claims


Health Record

You can rely on your Digital Health Record to be updated in real time and always accessible
Fascicolo Sanitario

24/7 service

An operations centre is always available to connect you with physicians and nurses

Servizio 24/7

home service

Convenient, timely and professional home visits and services, including assistance for Covid-19
Home service


A network of professionals responding to your needs, among which you can choose independently

Un network di professionisti che risponde ai tuoi bisogni


We are always by your side, in Italy and abroad, for your work and spare time

Al tuo fianco ovunque tu sia


The App to communicate with your physician and manage your exams, visits and Digital Health Record

La App per comunicare con il tuo Tutor

digital care

Technological innovation allows us to always be near you.

A range of state-of-the-art services designed to give quick and targeted answers to your needs, prioritizing human contact in the relationship with the physician. For us, people are always at the centre, wherever they are.

A distanza
Dimentica la burocrazia: la Conciergerie gestisce per te prenotazioni, referti e rimborsi assicurativi
A distanza

check forward

check forward

A complete and consistent assistance service, designed for people who are abroad, for those who travel often and also for those who wish to optimize their time. A Personal Physician is at your disposal to complete an initial detailed anamnesis, create your individual prevention plan and to continue caring for you even remotely. In addition, the Conciergerie will regularly provide you with reminders of scheduled exams so that you can always be on time for your health appointments, and access to your Digital Health Record.
Dimentica la burocrazia: la Conciergerie gestisce per te prenotazioni, referti e rimborsi assicurativi



A physician will monitor you day by day, checking your health with state-of-the-art devices. The remote assessment of your health enables the doctor to choose the most effective tools for your needs: heart monitoring, sleep cycle, blood pressure, body mass. You will have regular updates with your physician to review the data constantly collected by the devices. A journey that will help you get to know yourself better and improve your style and quality of life, without any extra effort.


Servizi su misura per il benessere di tutta la famiglia

Tailor-made packages for the well-being of the whole family.

Take care of your whole family in one go. You can also extend MDConcierge services to your partner. For children and grandparents, choose our specific age-group programs with dedicated paediatricians and geriatricians.


MDConcierge ti apre uno scrigno di possibilità
Becoming a Member of MDConcierge opens up a whole host of possibilities and exclusive services that are always available and tailored to your needs and those of your family. The Conciergerie, your personal physician and our technology are your trusted health companions.

Why pick only one when you can find more answers to your questions?

Our services are always tailored to meet your specific needs.
It is possible to combine services and create customized packages so that you can always have us by your side, according to the formula that is most functional for you. With us your health has no boundaries.