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Wherever you are and at any moment, we are your partner always at your side: innovation for your health.


How many times have people asked you how are you ?  How many times have you asked this yourself?

Prevention, technology and constant care are our tools in a journey centred on your health. We connect people and professionals through exclusive and customized services, based on a borderless network of medical centres of excellence.

what we do for you

Sviluppato da medici esperti nella diagnostica del sonno e ampiamente testato
Al tuo risveglio trovi tutti i dati utili al monitoraggio in una App, sincronizzati grazie al Wi-Fi
Sviluppato da medici esperti nella diagnostica del sonno e ampiamente testato

personal DOCTOR

Your personal physician: a doctor who truly knows you and guides you in designing and implementing your customized prevention plan


We manage every aspect of your health: care and the updating of your Digital Health Record, booking visits, finalizing refund claims

Health Record

Digital Health Record: we keep it updated with your medical history, wherever you have been seen. It is always at your disposal


We are always there for you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will find us ready to listen to your needs and to provide you with timely and qualified answers


Your time is precious: you can quickly access a network of medical facilities of excellence and obtain timely referrals
Al tuo risveglio trovi tutti i dati utili al monitoraggio in una App, sincronizzati grazie al Wi-Fi


Technology at your service: devices to monitor you easily and comprehensively that communicate discreetly and effectively

our story

A revolutionary idea

Rivoluzioniamo il concetto di salute: un bene prezioso da conservare e preservare nel tempo con prevenzione, tecnologia e cura costante

We bring a revolution in the concept of health: a precious asset to be preserved and maintained over time thanks to prevention, technology and constant care.

Una rosa di servizi dedicati ai manager, che conoscono il valore della loro salute e la coltivano con regolarità, sempre ottimizzando il loro tempo, ovunque si trovino

A range of services dedicated to managers, who know the value of their health well and nourish it on a regular basis, always optimising their time, wherever they are.

Health 4.0

A distanza

Always connected: video visits and a range of monitoring services by means of easy-to-use devices that enable accurate screening.

Sin dalla prima ondata Covid-19 i nostri servizi a distanza si sono rivelati strategici per continuare a tutelare la salute dei singoli e di grandi popolazioni aziendali

Since the first Covid-19 wave, our remote services have proven to be strategic in continuing to protect the health of individuals and large corporate populations.

La nostra offerta si è specializzata con servizi e device all’avanguardia dedicati a fasce d’età specifiche, come anziani e bambini

Our offer has specialised with high-tech services and devices dedicated to specific age groups, such as elders and children.

Towards the future with solid fundamentals

Massimo Pietracaprina

Massimo Pietracaprina

Chairman and CEO

With a long career in the healthcare sector, he has contributed to the development of strategic projects for groups such as Schering, Bayer, Humanitas, IEO and San Donato.

Pierluigi Incerti Caselli

Pierluigi Incerti CAselli

Medical Director

In over 40 years of experience in this field, he has achieved recognised clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic excellence, combined with strong organisational and management skills.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Expert Team

Academics and recognised professionals in the healthcare sector, who have shared the principles behind our initiative: Stefano Cazzaniga, Massimo Colombo, Alessandro RepiciVirgilio Sacchini.