body cardio

Every day take a step towards your health and beauty goal.

Ogni giorno sali un gradino verso il tuo obiettivo di salute e bellezza

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?
Broaden your perception and you will see beyond appearances.

Easy to use

We deliver it to you and help you set it up


A monitoring programme tailored to you


Four weight sensors in one compact and refined object



It monitors your cardiovascular status by measuring blood flow velocity and heart frequency

Body analysis

Comprehensive monitoring: it detects weight, fluid mass, fat mass, bone mass and even posture

For athletes

A personalised programme for those who want to achieve specific physical and sport performance goals

For pregnant women

It monitors your pregnancy with a dedicated mode that detects and tracks your baby’s weight over time

For children

It accompanies them through the various stages of growth by helping to monitor the evolution of their body

Multi user

One device for the whole family: it monitors up to 8 users, each with personalised programmes

Un monitoraggio completo: rileva peso, massa liquida, massa grassa, massa ossea e persino la postura

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

After the lockdown I felt swollen like a balloon. I thought I just needed a diet. Then I tried Body Cardio, a device which is much more than a simple scale. In a few weeks it opened my eyes to a range of behaviors that had barely anything to do with nutrition.



The use of devices and artificial intelligence in the medical field represents a great innovation and a great opportunity to be closer to people. Thanks to modern technological tools, we are able to get quick feedback even from people who are unable to come to the clinic. We are quickly moving towards medicine version 4.0.


MDC Doctor

Idea for people with body difficulties, not just for getting in shape. Sometimes you don’t lose weight when you exercise, because you gain muscle mass. This device detects such changes precisely. It is also very useful in the diagnosis of metabolic syndromes encouraging changes in your lifestyle.


MDC Doctor

device app

Thanks to the App, the doctor can
check your values ​​regularly
and know how you are all the time.
And you will also be
more mindful.

Certificato clinicamente dall’azienda produttrice, il device viene fornito a domicilio in comodato d’uso a chi attiva il servizio Wearable Health

Clinically certified by the manufacturer, the device is provided at home on loan for use to those who activate the Wearable Health service.