To keep
your finger on the pulse of everything you care about.

For those who are dynamic and physically active,
the only thing you need to beat is your next record.

Easy to use

It detects your biorhythm through contact with your wrist


ECG, saturation, sleep cycle, physical activity and much more


Style and versatility: much more than a stylish watch


Irregular beats

It records your heart frequency periodically and alerts you when irregular beats are detected

Respiratory disorders

It detects respiratory function based on saturation, heartbeat and movement

Instant ECG

Electrocardiogram in 30 seconds: results appear on the screen and are transmitted to the physician via the App

Oxygen saturation

It provides a medical-grade result related to your blood saturation in 30 seconds

Heart frequency

Continuous tracking during your training, to help you optimize cardiac effort

Sleep monitoring

Full report on sleep cycle and hearbeat. Good morningS with a smart alarm clock

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

As a young man I used to practice Judo, but with my busy life my physical activity was increasingly reduced. My body had changed. Then my physician recommended Scanwatch. After wearing it I discovered that I had to monitor my heart on a more regular basis and to carve out some time for exercise.



I monitored a man in his 50s who complained of heart palpitations at night. With the device, in a few weeks we verified that he did not present any anomalous data or particular risk factors. We realized that his discomfort was mainly linked to anxiety and after that he felt reassured.


MDC Doctor

Distant but close in our care for people. This approach is the one that has always inspired us, pushing us to seek out the most advanced solutions. When the pandemic happened, this approach proved to be strategic, confirming that this is the medicine of the future. Our research continues on the latest findings dedicated to specific age groups.


MDC Manager

device app

Thanks to the App, the doctor can
check your values ​​regularly
and know how you are all the time.
And you will also be
more mindful.

Clinically certified by the manufacturer, the device is provided at home on loan for use to those who activate the Wearable Health service.