Don’t believe
those who say that
they always
perform better under pressure.

Don’t wait for others to say I love you.
Listen to your heart: it has plenty to say and knows you better than you imagine.

Easy to use

Just put it on and it detects the data to be monitored


Pressure measurement and electrocardiogram


Clinically tested, compact and easily portable



Fast high-precision measurement that meets European medical device standards


Instant electrocardiogram to detect any type of arrhythmia thanks to three electrodes

Digital stethoscope

It identifies any valve disorders by comparing recordings of thousands of real heart sounds


It checks your cardiovascular health every day by constantly measuring your heartbeat

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

The use of devices and artificial intelligence in the medical field represents a great innovation and a great opportunity to be closer to people. Thanks to modern technological tools, we are able to get quick feedback even from people who are unable to come to the clinic. We are quickly moving towards medicine version 4.0.


MDC Doctor

I used BPM Core for a month: a doctor checked my values ​​every day and every time they were higher than regular, he called me immediately. I felt supported and also reassured, especially because they finally helped me find the correct therapy for my blood pressure problems.



I always felt tired. I thought it was due to my chaotic life. I talked about it with my personal physician, who promptly investigated and recommended I use BPM Core. In a few days I got used to wearing it, because it is simple and easy to use. I can’t think of a more comfortable way to monitor blood pressure.



device app

Thanks to the App, the doctor can
check your values ​​regularly
and know how you are all the time.
And you will also be
more mindful.

Clinically certified by the manufacturer, the device is provided at home on loan for use to those who activate the Wearable Health service.