The paediatrician’s case
in a small monitor

No more stress for your children: no more waiting rooms.
We bring it directly to your home for a video visit.

Easy to use

It records data and images and sends them to the paediatrician


Six tools in one device

Remote diagnosis

Direct line to the paediatrician, as if he were there with you



Quick body temperature measurement: just frame the forehead for a few moments


It records the heartbeat and heart frequency quickly and comprehensively


It detects lung sounds to investigate coughing and possible symptoms of congestion


Ear canal survey to monitor ear disorders and pathologies


Observation of the oral cavity to investigate throat or vocal cord disorders


It photographs the skin to assess rashes, insect bites and lesions

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

The use of devices and artificial intelligence in the medical field represents a great innovation and a great opportunity to be closer to people. Thanks to modern technological tools, we are able to get quick feedback even from people who are unable to come to the clinic. We are quickly moving towards medicine version 4.0.


MDC Doctor

Distant but close in our care of people. This approach is that which has always inspired us, pushing us to seek out the most advanced solutions. When the pandemic happened, it proved to be strategic, confirming that this is the medicine of the future. Our research continues on the latest findings dedicated to specific age groups.


MDC Manager

Testing Babycare with our paediatricians impressed us. Originally designed for self use, we offer it as a tool for remote visits. If the paediatrician cannot go for a visit at home, we send a nurse who records the visit and sends the collected data to the paediatrician.


MDC Doctor

Clinically certified by the manufacturer, Babycare is used by the healthcare professional during home visits for those who have activated the Baby4Future service.