Because your health is increasingly 4.0,
solutions to keep up with you.

To have a direct line to your physician, who always knows how you feel.

Innovation for us represents an essential support to the job of the physician who takes care of you, both to communicate in an immediate and straightforward way and to get to know you thoroughly and with consistency. This is why we offer you two Apps and a range of the latest generation of certified devices, capable of responding to different needs and specific age groups.

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

my mdc

An App to stay in contact with doctors, nurses, the Conciergerie, where you can find essential information about your clinical status.



An easy-to-use App for complete and constant monitoring of your vital parameters.





ECG, blood saturation, heart frequency, breathing, sleep cycle

BPM Core

Blood pressure, heartbeat, heart frequency, atrial fibrillation monitoring by EKG

Sleep Analyzer

Duration and cycle of sleep, sleep apnea, snoring episodes, heartbeat

Body Cardio

Muscle, bone and fat mass, weight, fluids, arterial stiffness, cardio


Visits for children with pictures: cardio, breathing and auditory tracts