Easy to use and discreet systems to always stay connected with your personal doctor and our services.

Sistemi facili da usare e discreti per essere sempre in connessione


ECG, blood saturation, heart frequency, breathing, sleep cycle

BPM Core

Blood pressure, heartbeat, heart frequency, atrial fibrillation monitoring by ECG

Sleep Analyzer

Duration and cycle of sleep, sleep apnea, snoring episodes, heartbeat

Body Cardio

Muscle, bone and fat mass, weight, fluids, arterial stiffness, cardio


Remote assessment
of your health conditions

Video visit and device

Online interview with a physician, who guides you in choosing the right device for your needs, and will follow up on the results of the monitoring.

Starting your monitoring

The device is delivered directly to your home and we assist you step-by-step in its set up, configuration and testing.

Constant monitoring
of your parameters

Dimentica la burocrazia: la Conciergerie gestisce per te prenotazioni, referti e rimborsi assicurativ

Parameter detection

The doctor in the monitoring team regularly checks the data collected by the device and sent by the App to the MDConcierge platform.

Periodic consultation

Calls with your physician are scheduled on a regular basis to evaluate your health monitoring together with you.

Final visit,
report and follow up

Final visit

The physician in the monitoring team carries out a final video visit, completing a report that will be shared with you.

Diagnostic follow up

At the end of the monitoring phase you will be contacted by your doctor to plan the following steps in your diagnostic path.


A physician who follows you day by day,
checking your health with state-of-the-art devices.

Remote visits

Wherever you are with your dedicated doctor


Identification of potential risks and prevention


Cutting-edge devices for reliable monitoring

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

I was looking for a useful gift for my father and I chose the Sleep Analyzer to get him back to sleep peacefully. In a few weeks, during which he simply slept with it on, we discovered that he was suffering from sleep apnea and special treatment plan was implemented. Now he sleeps like a baby.



After the lockdown I felt swollen like a balloon. I thought I just needed a diet. Then I tried Body Cardio, a device which is more than a simple scale. In a few weeks it opened my eyes to a range of behaviors that had barely anything to do with nutrition.



As a young man I used to practice Judo, but with my busy life my physical activity was increasingly reduced. My body had changed. Then my physician recommended Scanwatch. After wearing it I discovered that I had to monitor my heart on a more regular basis and to carve out some time for exercise.




Servizi su misura per il benessere di tutta la famiglia

Tailor-made packages for the well-being of the whole family.

Take care of your whole family in one go. You can also extend the MDConcierge services to your partner. For children and grandparents, choose our age-group specific programs with dedicated paediatricians and geriatricians.