Because loving yourself has no time limits.

Perché volersi bene non ha limiti di tempo

A doctor who follows you day by day and a Conciergerie that is
always available for any questions and to book visits and exams.

Personal Doctor

A geriatrician who really gets to know you and takes care of your health


Fast access to the best medical centres for your needs

Home Service

Visits, assistance and medication at home, to be always by your side

Gray care

personal Doctor

A geriatrician dedicated to you who assists you with visits and consultations day after day

Medico Tutor


The Conciergerie manages all of your reservations, referrals and refunds and also arranges for you to be accompanied.

Health Record

You can rely on your Digital Health Record, constantly updated and accessible at any time

Fascicolo Sanitario

24/7 service

An operations centre is always available to connect you with physicians and nurses

Servizio 24/7

Home Service

Timely and completely safe home visits and services, including assistance for

Home service


A network of professionals to respond to your needs, among which you can choose independently
Un network di professionisti che risponde ai tuoi bisogni


We are always by your side, in Italy and abroad, for your travels and movements

Al tuo fianco ovunque tu sia


The App keeps you in contact with your physician and allows you to access your Digital Health Record and manage exams and visits
La App per comunicare con il tuo Tutor


Complete assessment
of your health conditions

Medical visits

An initial visit with your personal physician for a complete and accurate workup in order to really get to know you.
Estimated time 1 hour.

La App per comunicare con il tuo Tutor

Prevention plan

Your personal physician prepares an agenda of targeted examinations and check-ups based on your risk factors and constantly follows up with you up to see how things progress.

Your journey towards
good and healthy habits begins

La App per comunicare con il tuo Tutor

Regular checks

Our Conciergerie books them for you, to also ensure an independent access to the centres of excellence. We really take care of everything, including the bureaucracy.

In Home Care

In addition to having a physician, nurse and physiotherapist at your disposal for home visits,  you’ll have your medications delivered directly to your door.

A Conciergerie to manage
your bureaucracy

La App per comunicare con il tuo Tutor

Record and Wearable Devices

We regularly update your reports, we examine data and images stored in your digital health record. We can monitor your health, even through wearable devices.

Pratiche assicurative​

Refund practices

Our Conciergerie itself takes care this itself, collecting all the necessary documentation until the closure of your insurance file.

grey care

medical membership card

Issued only to our members that choose Grey Care, the Medical Membership Card is your gateway to our services: it is unique and personal, and facilitates rapid communication with us through your identification code. A world of exclusive clinical services always at hand.