An innovative investment in the health of your management team and their family.

Investi in modo innovativo nella salute

A healthy company takes care of those who contribute daily to its success.

Exclusive tailor-made services: a personal physician accompanies the managers over time; expatriates are followed with attentive and constant care wherever they are in the world; a network of healthcare professionals and a Conciergerie assist our members with every need.




Time optimization

For your managers, accustomed to challenges and fast-paced decision making, time is precious. Our services become strategic. Support your managers with a personal physician and our Conciergerie: they will take care of them through a personalised program in maximum privacy.

Tax benefit

Double advantages both for the company and the managers: all of our services meet the requirements of Art. 100 TUIR and do not contribute to increasing employee income. In addition, they are fully deductible for IRES purposes.


Our expert staff supports you in every step devoted to the health of your managers, they book visits and exams in the medical centres of excellence ensuring to schedule them as requested by the physician and updating the Digital Health Records with diagnoses and results.


Our services can also be extended to the entire family of the managers with the same tax advantages. A membership for the partner can be added to Concierge Medicine and Check Forward. We have specific programs for children and parents tailored for age groups.

Alongside your managers throughout Italy and around the world.

Concierge Medicine is an ideal package ideal also for foreign managers living in Italy, to offer them complete assistance in our country.

Check Forward is designed for managers living abroad, wherever they may be and for those who travel extensively, offering a personal physician who follows them remotely.

Not just managers: with MDC Active Care you can care for your whole staff.

Designed for company personnel, this service ensures monitoring and support for the welfare of all your employees. MDC Active Care provides healthcare guidance for any need, even in the event of a pandemic, such as Covid-19.

Con noi hai la fortuna di poter sempre contare su un alleato