Your health at your fingertips. Wherever you are.

La tua salute a portata di mano. Ovunque ti trovi

For those of you who travel frequently or live far away,
innovation is always at your side.

Personal Doctor

A physician who really knows you well, takes care of your health and is always available


Cutting-edge devices for remote visiting: always connected


Prevention plan tailored on your need,s wherever you are

Caring for yourself has never been so smart

Our body is like a plane, and we would never fly a plane before a thorough inspection of all its parts. We offer targeted visits and exams, carried out regularly, to always be one step ahead in your health journey, optimizing your time: this way, you will always be ready to take flight with peace of mind.


MDC Doctor

Your personal physician is a top-level professional who has an in-depth understanding of how you are today and has an eye towards your future and prevention. He always knows what is best for you and will suggest specialists and the centres of excellence to rely on for visits and exams. He supports you so that you will always be one step ahead in your health journey.


MDC Doctor

I decided to work in MDC because I was immediately drawn to the innovative approach they use in managing people’s health. I appreciate the opportunity to take care of my beneficiaries using technology. We use devices to stay up to date on how they are, but in the meantime a true and rich human relationship is built with each beneficiary.


MDC Doctor


Servizi su misura per il benessere di tutta la famiglia

Tailor-made packages for the well-being of the whole family.

Take care of your whole family in one go. You can also extend the MDConcierge services to your partner. For children and grandparents, choose our age-group specific programs with dedicated paediatricians and geriatricians.

my mdc

An App that keeps you in constant contact with doctors, nurses and the Conciergerie, and allows you to view essential information about your clinical status.

Una App per essere sempre in contatto con medici, infermieri


Complete assessment
of your health conditions

Remote video consultation

An initial online meeting with your Personal Physician to get to know each other also includes a complete and structured questionnaire.
Estimated time 45 minutes.


Prevention plan

Your personal physician prepares an agenda of targeted examinations and check-ups, based on your risk factors and constantly follows up with you to see how things progress.

Our Conciergerie
at your service

Specialists and exams

Based on your prevention program, we recommend state-of-the-art medical centres and the best specialists in an independent manner.

Always ready to help

The Conciergerie notifies you on appointments and always supports you, so that you can constantly keep your Digital Health Record up to date.

Regular visits
and follow up

In contact with your physician

Even if remotely, you have an ongoing relationship with your personal physician who contacts you regularly to take stock of the situation.

Visit at our venue

Scheduled at least once a year for a complete and more in-depth anamnesis and to plan next prevention steps.