a value to share with the people
you care about the most.

Grey Care: the joy of enjoying life to the fullest.

A custom-made service for adults over 75 who want to face their own future and that of their families with peace of mind. A personal geriatrician assists them, is always available and takes care of them with a series of home clinical services. A Conciergerie supports to booking of visits and exams in highly specialized centres, where they receive the needed attention.

Your children are your best part: their future, your serenity.

You take care of them every day and with us you can do so much more with a range of specific services for each age group, which assist them in the different stages of growth. Educate them on the culture of healthcare and prevention.


For children up to 3 years
An experienced paediatrician who sets up the child’s prevention program from the earliest steps and oversees his or her growth while remaining available for any need.


For children from 4 to 12 years
A personal paediatrician at your side for the prevention and the health of your child in the age group in which they go through important periods of growth and change.


For guys from 13 to 21 years
Full support to follow teens in these crucial years of physical and personal development, helping them become healthy adults, aware of the value of prevention.

Because health is a family matter.

Health is a precious asset to share with those you love, from the youngest to the oldest. Activate the best prevention services that fit you and extend them to your whole family. With us you will always have the best solution for everyone’s needs, with an eye on the future. Our aim is to keep you well over time.