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Your most precious asset deserves to be protected. With MDConcierge, you can do so simply and innovatively, with the guidance of a personal physician always by your side and with the support of state-of-the-art technological devices.


MDConcierge personally tailors all services, to respond to your every need in a timely manner: visits and exams in medical centres of excellence or at home with the constant support of your personal physician and clinical staff who are available 24/7.


Optimize your time with simplified access to specialized medical centres for visits and exams, a Conciergerie that manages all reservations and bureaucracy, an App that puts you in direct contact with your doctor, teleconsults and technological devices to monitor your health.



Health and prevention are values to be shared with the ones you love. Our customized services, tailored to every age groups, will accompany every member of your family on their healthcare journey throughout the various stages of life.



Our Conciergerie is in direct contact with the doctors, books all of your visits and exams, updates your Digital Health Record and manages your insurance claims


You will have your own team of specialized doctors, dedicated to you and your family, who will accompany you over time



Cutting-edge certified devices can be used to monitor your health status, at any age and for any risk factor



A group of best-in-class university professors, physicians and professionals of international standing, who are always up to date on research and innovation

Advisory board


In presenza


Concierge Medicine offers you the full package, which includes a personal doctor, an in-depth initial consult at one of our venues, a personalized prevention plan and a range of exclusive Home Services, available to you and your whole family.
A distanza


Innovation is key to our physicians being able to manage your care. With Check Forward, we can guide you on your health journey wherever you may be. With Wearable Health, we can monitor your health simply from any distance.


MDConcierge ti apre uno scrigno di possibilità

Becoming a Member of MDConcierge opens up a whole host of possibilities and exclusive services that are always available and tailored to your needs and those of your family. The Conciergerie, your personal physician and our technology are your trusted health companions.


Screening preventivo e monitoraggio quotidiano

Preventive screening and daily remote monitoring via a dedicated, user-friendly App, a short, daily questionnaire that allows My MDC Monitoring to record your vital parameters, from body temperature to more specific symptoms, consistent telephone contacts with medical staff. We also provide psychological support and swabs at home. The service is also available for corporate populations.

How often are you asked how are youHow often do you ask yourself the same question?

Prevention, technology and constant care are our tools in this journey centred on your health. We connect people and professionals through exclusive and customized services, based on a borderless network of medical centres of excellence.